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The lights go down, there is a hush
The audience forget the crush
It matters not, they sit so near
The show begins, the parents cheer

Suddenly the stage is lit
And crowding actors brighten it
They sing with gusto, strong and clear
And then, of course, the parents cheer

More action then, more song and dance
More story-telling circumstance
The song, a solo brings a tear
And then of course, the parents cheer

The background has been shifted now
Another scene, reaction: WOW!
Then what a dance, they've lost all fear
And then, of course, the parents cheer

A strong finale follows fast
The children know this song's their last
Their voices rise, they're in top gear
And then , of course, the parents CHEER


Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats!

Townsfolk scatter, rodents clatter
'Round and over the stage
The soloist song, carries on
Rats hover (the 'wings', their cage)
Chorus again, rats all reign
Actors pretend their rage
"Exterminator!" call rat haters
"Pay a pied piper a wage!"
   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
Pied Piper came, to loud acclaim
Hypnotising the rats
Follow along, to Piper's song
Drown leaving only their stat.s
Step in 'river' (Smoke haze!) Shiver
Waiting for final call backs
Rat leader cool, makes the crowd drool
Lamenting his lost rat packs
   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
Mayor gets greedy, Piper is needy
No one'll pay his arrears
Piper plays tune, children all swoon
Crippled boy's song brings tears
He's just too slow, others all go
Confirms the townsfolk's fears
Only kid left, townsfolk bereft
(Smoke haze finally clears)
   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
Backstage crew, relax, say "Phew!"
Scenery changes all done
Sad sort of tale, when payments fail
Neither Piper nor townsfolk won
Spotlight roves, on cast in droves
Last finishing song is sung
Lead singers bow, it's over now
It's sad but we really had fun!


Today I came home from school early
I took 80 children to playgrounds, you see
We went on the bus and we went to three
We went there to play but also to be
Studying structures for ' Technology'

We tested the swings and slides (weeeeee!!!) 
For appearance/appeal and for their safety
But most of all play-ability
The kids all drew plans that they'll later study
Their models'll improve on what they did see

But that doesn't explain why I am home free
Unless you guess how trying trips can be!


A candid teacher confesses
That the secret to half her success is
Not her planning as such
Nor evaluation so much
As her bright, intuitional guesses


  I'm basically, awfully, bashfully, shy
  And there are lots of reasons why
  But in my work this holds me back
  Threatens to keep me on the slow track

  Collegues value input and help
  I want to lead but also to yelp!
  The benefit of courses,  experience
  Is a powerful tool with which to convince

  But to stand before assembled faces
  Seeing expectation, respect, in traces
  Sends my heart to fight-or-flight mode
  To flee is my choice but not my 'code'

  The mind, whether prepared or not
  Seems to freeze while my face goes hot
  I find, with notes, that I can cope
  But shaking so much, I feel a real dope!


I have to suppose
 That there are those
  Whose understanding grows

But others just doze
 Or contemplate clothes
  Or soap opera woes
    Or come to blows

   Teaching I chose
    Why? Heaven knows!


People bond in times of stress
Times of greatest need
Fellow feeling frees us from
Divisions preconceived

Age isn't such a barrier
Accents are forgotten
When our source of suffering 
Leaves us feeling rotten

Too much to do, no end in sight
Bonds workers and their groans
When problems faced just won't be solved
There's comfort sharing moans


They come to visit from far and wide
Our fame is spreading, it seems
As a school we innovate
Following leaders' dreams

Potential in all is recognised
Hurdles to success overcome
A common vision for excellence
Shared by everyone

Learning by pupils and also staff
Is constantly under review
Setting of goals and achievement
Motivates a lifetime through

The building base for innovation
Is always identified need
Approaches determined consultatively:
Experience laterally freed