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      While he was desperately trying to connect
      He caught his pants on something weird..
      He turned around, and to his astonishment..
      ..It was Elvis..and he had grown a green beard!

      "Elvis! I glad to see you!"
      ...Ken exclaimed with a sigh of relief..
      "I'm lost in space..drowning in this race..
      ..and I don't need any more grief!"

      But green-bearded Elvis just floated silently..
      ..his blue suede shoes were all a mess..
      ..then he pointed the way to Heartbreak Hotel..
      ..which was relocated to the planet GUESS

      der blumers

Guess What?

      At Guess you have to....Guess What?
      Guess what is and what is not
      Ken's confused, he cannot guess
      He's wrong each time he has a shot


Guess what?

      I guess our Ken is on a quest
       This planet Guess will be a test
       Is Barbie near or is she far?
       Can Ken wish himself upon a star?

       Lady D

Guess Who?

       When you wish upon a star...
       ..Elvis can't be very far...
       Ken needs only to ask the King
       He knows all...and sees everything..

       He knows that Barbie will be here soon's enough to make Ken swoon..
       So, instead of Ken gazing at the moon..
       he turns on GUESS television to see a cartoon!!

       der blumers

Star Trek to the Rescue

       But then the TV blows a fuse
       And Ken just can't guess why
       He asks for help upon a star
       Then Worf comes riding by


Worf the Trekker riding on
       A mini Klingon rocket
       He jets around in space on it
       Rescues astronauts and sprocket(s)


Barbie flutters eyelashes, Worf succumbs

       While Worf was jetting
       Through the debris
       He saw Ken's friend
       Alien Barbie

       A ride she's hitching
       To reach her man
       "He's somewhere here
       Amongst the can(s)"

       Lady D

Worf and Barbie jetting on
       A jetski sort of thing
       They make some waves as they fly by
       And tin cans chime and ring


Quick Ken! Guess!

       Now Ken is still a-guessing what
       Then something makes a whirrrrrrr
       A Genie comes and says "Now make -
       Three guesses!" - what a stir!

       Ken only gets three chances
       To guess what makes Barb' tick
       Or Worf will have her as his own
       He's heading for a sputnik


 Quick Ken! Guess!

       Born October niner in
      Nineteen and fifty seven
      About the time the first Sputnik
      Was shot into the heaven

      It was the nickname given me
      By my poor old grampy
      I hope this doesn't mean the Klingon
      Has his sights on me

      figs in space

Guess #1
       "ummm...ummm..." Ken replied..
       "I think Barbie's motor's stuck.."
       Just then Worf flitted by..
       ..and knocked Ken into the muck!

       der blumers

SPUT-tering Laptops

       "I guess I know nothing, like Shultz"
       Ken sputtered from the mud
       But Barbie dropped a clue, a disk
       Ken wiped off all the crud

       He stuck it in his laptop then
       And read all it could feed-a
       It said "Age almost 42"
       He guessed she was a Libra

       Lady D

 She's HOW OLD???

       If Ken were really smart
       at attempts to win her heart,
       he'd forget the "age" old question.
       A wrong guess could cause head and neck to part.


 One more guess to go
       Well...that makes just one guess to go
       Or Worf will have his way with her
       Ken thinks and thinks until he's blue
       It's so intense his brain's a blur


 Look Homeward
       What's the schtick for this chick
       Ken scratched his head in wonder.
       He needed the answer fast and quick
       else Worf would steal his thunder.


Time Bomb
       "I know! I know!" shrieks Ken in glee
       "I'm on to my last guess-
       There is a time bomb inside her!
       (That frees me from this mess!)"



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