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An insignificant blot dwelling in a tiny country at the bottom of the world.

I live on an orchard where we used to grow apples, pears, nectarines and peaches, for export and flowers for personal pleasure :-) Now most of the trees have been pulled out because it's more profitable to lease the land for lucerne or market gardening.

Below is a picture of my house in the beautiful South Pacific.


I exist in various roles:
  • wife           - The average husband is proof that a woman can take a joke. It's impossible for a woman to be married to the same man for more than 50 years: after the first 20, he's not the same man!  I have yet to discover the truth of this, having been married for a mere 18 years so far.
  • mother     -To 2 teenaged creatures.
  • teacher    -To earn a crust and fill my days with challenge...that's called positive thinking.
  • delegator -Of any housework I can.
  • doggerella-Writer of nonsense rhymes.