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Be a winner not a loser
 'Cos a winner is a chooser
  ……Let's all choose to be
                   SMOKE FREE !

 There'll ALWAYS be losers - could BE chick or bloke
 Who can't WAIT to light up, their VERY first smoke
 They THINK that the danger is ALL just a joke
 They THINK it's no worse than just DRINKing a coke
 They DON'T even care when the SMOKE makes them choke !
 YES ! Now is the time
 To join in and rhyme
 Be brave and say I'M
But IF you're a loser and YOU smoke a fag
You'll ONLY be proving that YOU'RE a real drag
Your BREATH'll be making the OTHER'S all gag
And YOU will soon look like a WRINKLED old hag
'Cos SMOKE-sucking miserable MOUTH muscles sag!