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cyberspace is the place

Being addicted to the virtual void means my persona
has been split into  various  pseudonyms


  The very couth, refined and eloquent ...............Lady D
Wishful thinking gave rise to this name. Don't all Ladies have a maid? Then there is the superficial resemblance, in-out-of-focus photos, to Lady Di, who did. My father sometimes styles himself as Lord Charles. Being part of the Loyal Family, I needed an equally preposterous, imposturing name.  My first persona.
To be found  strolling through the hallowed halls of rhythm and rhyme
as a role play name alternative to the names below                                .

The sometimes dim, dumb blonde ....................DUH-neez
Conveniently appropriate at times. This is almost phonetic and there4 better than the average cy-bear spelling, for the name I grew up with: Denise . Yes, the 's' is said as a 'z'.
BTW  Nothing at ALL to do with my father's prediliction for net names which all seem to be based on 'excreciating' bull-der-dash (ie the emphasis goes on the NEEZ. It does NOT sound like 'dunnies'!!)
To be found at :
icq #  9791720

The easily confused, dizzy blonde .....................dizzys
Rhyming with my real name, Denise; the cyber spelling for my childhood nickname,'Disease'. Who but my father would give a child such an awful name?
To be found at :
This  website
My email address that you might be given when I know you better.

 The alter ego of duh-NEEZ .................... dizzydeni
Derived from combining dizzys and the diminuative of Denise. Used for chat programmes other than icq and for hotmail. Sometimes seen at word game sites.
To be found at :
Delphi forums
AOL Instant Messenger
MSN Messenger
Acro at



  I reads me daughter's web page
And I sez to meself "What the hell!"
But I guess that I'll visit it wuns in a wile
To find out just wot she ment
Wen she cheekily said that her dere ol' dad
Deals in excrement.

Shez jellace becoz of me spelin'
An' a hole lotta things like that
Including me favorut internet name,
Yorz fathfully, BYRESPLAT.

If that's not enuff, Instant Messenger
Is a plays that you'll find me too,
Wiv anuvver name wot you'll orl respeck,
Yorz fathfully, BOVINE POO.

If orl uv yerse wanta no maw about me,
Then this is me final tip:
At ICQ I gotta good name,
Yorz fathfully, I'm COWSLIP.

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