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Trees make me sneeze
And go down on my knees
When there is a breeze
I sneeze and I wheeze

The trees are a tease
They sway with ease......

I've done six lines and I'm stumped
I must turn over a new leaf
I'll give this poem more stick
Alien is adding some beef

I hope it is not all in vein
Are we barking up the wrong tree?
Do you think that we might get ring-barked
By the dog who just came here to pee?

Now down in the virgin undergrowth
Is an orange tree with appeal
The rubber tree fell in love with it
You should hear that latex squeal!

The hardwood got rooted to the ground
Petrified by white sticky latex
It tried to branch off down the avenue
Away from where the woodpecker pecks

Oh! to be a Banyon Tree
If I was so emboughed
With roots so big and limbs so large
I'd really draw the crowd

Now getting down to the root of the matter
What I am trying to say
Is I haven't a clue what this is about
I must have forked the wrong way.

slug and alien combo

I would it were

If knee-jerkers could only see
Past the forest to the tree
Progress would much speedier be

And if doom-sayers only could
See the whole tree instead of the wood
Action might be as it should



I reduced all my trees to Ashes -
My friends called me son-of-a-Beech -
I thought it was Oak, what do Yew think?
I don't want to get unPoplar,
I'd rather be Lichened to Peach.

I Pined for some golf, so I went there,
Acquired some slightly sore feet.
Thought, I have to fix this, that's very Plane,
Yes, a Sandalwood do for more comfort
Whenever Olive on the street.

No matter if Yew want to Birch me
For writing this stuff about trees,
I don't give a Fig, and my Lancewood
Pierce your Palms, so Yew couldn't,
Then I Willow apologies.

le fantôme amical

All Majestic

Kahikatea, Miro, Ti
Kaikawaka, Rewarewa,
Manuka, Kanuka, Rimu
Pohutukawa, Puriri
Matai, Kauri, Totara
Each is a New Zealand tree.

le fantôme amical


The mighty Live Oak, near a rushing stream
with leafy arms did raise
it's gnarled and weathered branches green
in never ending praise.


A shade tree

Whatever the tree, it makes the grade
If placed providing summer shade
We escape the heat
In a leafy retreat
Air-conditioner, transpiration-made

Lady D