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 You say you want a resolution

       Between the way their pictures look
       And life, there's some confusion
       Them internet dates all go bad
       Must be my resolution

       Well, you know


       My New Year's resolution
       Is the same as the previous year --
       800 x 600 pixels
       Is the resolution that I hold dear.

       le fantôme résolu

 The Funny Farm
       There's only eight hours left for me to write a resolution
       I can think of lots of things, but not the right solution
       If my computer bites the dust, resolve to keep my calm
       But if in fact that happens, I'll be at the funny farm
       They're coming to take me away ha ha he he ho ho ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
       Where life is beautiful all the time!!!!!!

Re: The Funny Farm
      Looks like I miss out on the Farm
      'Cause my computer's working
      That's quite a shame 'cause here I sit
      From all my work I'm shirking!


Who, Me?
       I gave up on making resolutions..
       ..New Year or no New Year..
       You see, every time I make them..
       ..I break them loud and clear!

       der blumers

Resolution Contribution

      My New Year's resolution isn't deep,
      And it won't be very hard for me to keep:
      Since my old resolve is gone,
      I have vowed that from now on
      I will never make a promise I can't keep.


 k to k bug

     Happk new kear
      Far and near
      It's plain for all to see
      The k to k bug
      For all the fear
      Has not affected me
      It's all just been
      A monek grab
      Is how it seems to me
      So from mk house
      To all of kours
      Happk new centurk


k to k bug
      That was a lovelk idea
      I considered it all through the dak
      And thought "Bok ! I'll buk that one !"
      After all, what else could I sak ?

      It's well-known that our mate, Larrk,
      Would never cause harm to a flk
      So we shouldn't accuse him of massacring words
      'Til we ascertain his reason whk.

      Kears of his kouth mak be flashing
      Rapidlk past his mind's eke,
      As he wrklk obeks the demands of his heart,
      This writer of poetrk guk.

      le fantôme amical

Multi Resolutions

      When Captain Cook left the 'Endeavour'
      He next got the ship 'Resolution'.
      When he drove it into Hawaii,
      They gave him 'the final solution'.

      But early in the 17th century
      There had been a topsail cutter
      Also called 'H.M.S. Resolution'
      With one mast and the rest of the clutter.

      le fantôme marin


      Whilst doing my daily ablution,
      The product of much evolution,
      I fired up a laser
      To use as a razor
      But then faced great irresolution.


I'm making a resolution
      I'll manage without my pc
      I'll take it into the fixer
      So it is repaired for me
      Been putting it off till the new year
      Watching programmes cause the big freeze
      Now last century's ended
      It's time to fix it, Denise


A 'pity'ful attempt
      I wrote my resolution
      with resolve to pass the test.
      No more chocolate, no more pounds
      No more x-lg. my mode of dress.

      But alas, as I sat and wrote
      I observed my resolve with pity
      for there clutched in my hands
      were chocolate morsels, and none to itty bitty.


Hot Stuff

      I resolve NOT to give up smoking ;
      I haven't had a cig. since '88.
      Perhaps I'll have another in the future ;
      Don't hold your breath, it could be a long wait !

      le fantôme toussant

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