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Not Yet Time!

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
An ancient old person looking at me
I looked at her and said "Set me free"
But she just grinned and grinned, did she
"Set yourself free, you hold the key!"
And guess what I did? - Yes, I did flee
......Not yet time to just "live and let be!"



I look in the mirror and laugh with glee
For, what I see looking back at me;
It looks as funny as can be.
It canít be me, can it?

Young and vibrant fits me to a tee.
But itís old and wrinkled looking back at me,
So Iím sure you folks will all agree,
It canít be me, can it?

Now--if that image is really me
Iím gonna stop that laughiní with glee,
Instead Iíll laugh hystericíly!
It canít be me, can it? Sob! Sob!

        By L. B. Strawn

       Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
       What will happen, if you fall?
       I see le fantôme locked within
       A room, reverse of mine.
       Perchance, the mirror-architects
       Live by inverse design.

       Suppose you drop and scatter,
       Throughout my room for yards,
       A myriad of razor-sharp
       And pointed mirror-shards?
       What fate awaits le fantôme, then,
       Amongst your glass discards?

       Will he be subdivided?
       Each shard displaying part
       Of le fantôme's total being,
       One a brain, perhaps, and one a heart?
      Awaiting re-assembly
       By someone very smart?

       Or will I find before me
       Not a fantôme split asunder
       But a thousand little fantômes,
       Whom I can view with wonder?
       Ah! What a gift to all the world
       From the south sea isles downunder!

       But, then, suppose you're cleaned away,
       Replaced by another glass,
       And, out the corner of my eye,
       I see a fantôme pass.
       Will that be the same fantôme
       Or a new one, who'll surpass?

       If le fantôme lives again
       By buying a reflector,
       We could only sat that he's
       A very lucky spectre.
       But, if there is a new fantôme,
       Pray, welcome to this sector.

       le fantôme infirme amical

Mirror Mirror

       Mirror, mirror on the wall
       Who's the dumbest one of all?
       Password forgotten, received the 'hint'
       Which helped me not: I'm dense as flint
       My IM password I can't recall

       Mirror, mirror on the wall
       Remind me to write down passwords all
       On paper with a plain old pen
       Perhaps that'll help me when
       My access to the net, I stall

       L D

  Upon Reflection

       A garden pond is a mirror of the sky
       Unless weeds in the water lie
       A pond reflection

       A memory is a mirror of the past
       Weed out the bad so they don't last
       A fond reflection

       Lady D

  Web Mirror

       "Mirror, Mirror", on the net
       What you see is what you get.
       Surf the web and what do you see?
       Poems of mirrors, by you and me.


  2-way mirrors

       Through a 2 way mirror
       I stood there spying
       The person I saw
       Didn't know I was prying

       To him as he preened
       There was no denying
       His teeth were cleaned
       But it was horrifying!

       L D


       The mirror was a reflection
       of days gone by.
       Brown eyes reflecting rejection.
       When will tears dry.


  Looking Glass

       In the sequel to 'Alice in Wonderland'
       She went through a looking glass
       In Wonderland she met a caterpillar
       Smoking something like grass

       She met a rabbit and a Mad March Hare
       I remember that land really well
       But the sequel through the looking glass?
       Can anyone here retell?

       Bea YawzELLEff

  Wet Mirror

       Son of the nymph, Liriope,
       And of Cephissus
       Was a good-lookin' coot wot likes 'isself,
       An' 'e's nicknamed Narcissus.

       'E looks inter a puddle
       An' sure likes wot 'e sees
       So, 'e dumps 'is girl-friend, Echo,
       Despite 'er moanin' pleas.

       Then, back 'e goes ter the puddle
       Admirin' 'is lovely gob
       But 'e never could get ter kiss it
       So 'e ended it all wiv a sob.

       Yeah! The idjit topped 'isself
       An' 'is blood turns inter a flower
       Wot bears 'is name up ter this day,
       In sunshine, rain or shower.

       le fantôme-apache amical

 The eyes miirror the soul

      The eyes, they say
      Do mirror the soul
      So a shifty-eyed guy
      Is on a criminal roll
      And a teary-eyed gal
      Is a wet-blanket moll
      And someone with a sparkling glint
      Is lightning-witted and drole
      But the person who narrows his eyes
      Wishes you were down a deep hole
      And when you get a sideways glance
      It had better not be from a troll!



      Who invented such things?
      They reflect age-dings
      By dings I mean rents
      As in car acci-'dents'

      Lady D