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      An Italian suit
       Is just the thing
      To get the girl
       Without a ring!


  Disposable Clothes

       Slug put some clothes
       In the machine
       A nice front loader
       Very clean

       Round and round
       She saw them go
       What was to happen
       She didn't know

       They fought and fought
       Those arms and legs
       Over who would win
       The prize of pegs

       The socks were separate
       On the issue
       The trackpants covered
       In bits of tissue

       Only the pantyhose
       Held it together
       Joining forces
       In a nylon tether

       Wrapped the clothes
       In a tight cocoon
       All of them knotted
       Like the neck of a balloon

       How to untangle them?
       Challenges slug loathes
       She threw them out.....
       Those disposable clothes


  Suit's Me Too

       I met an Australian the other day,
       Who had some clothes to sell,
       Including an Emperor's suit.
       (The price was marked down well,
       Because, as it's invisible,
       One could hardly tell
       Whether it was intact
       Or might not last a spell.)

      Pleased to beat an Aussie,
       I purchased it for ten
       But wondered why he giggled
       As he walked away again.

       le fantôme amical

  Wrap up

       There was a young New Zealand chap
       Seeking fame by doing rap
       His rhymes weren't bad
       But what promoted the lad
       Was his backwards-facing baseball cap

       Bea YawzELLEff


       Don't the good ones cost a mint?
       If I could afford to, I wouldn't stint
       I'd wear the best that money could buy
       Stylish leather (but not too high)
       The higher the heel, the worse feet feel
       At day's end, preparing a meal
       Despite slippers to slip into at home
       Aching feet have a mind of their own
       So I'd keep to a medium heel, or flat
       But it must be expensive, don't forget that!

       Lady D


      I haven't any clothes today
      Put them in to wash and they washed away
      I wonder if it is O.K.
      To go outside like this to play?
      All my neighbours would have a heyday
      Or maybe they'd be calling "mayday!"
      I think I'll do it anyway
      Even in this chilly month of May.



      We wear them here
      We wear them there
      We look at others and compare
      What would they say if we went bare?
      Would they comment or only stare?
      I'll never know since I wouldn't dare!

      Lady D

Bards and Balladeers

       Speaking of your heading,
       Bards and Balladeers,
       Otherwise Balladeers and Bards,
       On the topic of clothes
       For equator or the snoze,
       I suggest they are a lot of Bards' Tabards !!
       (Mind your tonsils)

       le fantôme amical