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There once was a real chocoholic
In boxes of Nestlé she'd frolic
But chocolate is rich
And she struck a glitch:
And got a bad case of the cholic

Lady D

It's Da Big Hunk O' Fudge

I didn't mind the chocolate turtles you ate all the time
Chewing up that chocolate bunny wasn't such a crime
Now I know that you're a chocoholic on the loose
Good God woman, did I hear you order, "chocolate moose?"


Chocolate Trips

Chocolate lips
Means chocolate hips
Chocolate flips
For chocolate dips

No choc to lick
Gets on my wick
No choc to pick
Can make me sick

Chocolate dreams
Of chocolate creams
I split my seams
On chocolate reams

Chocolate lips
Means chocolate hips
Chocolate drips
On chocolate trips.


Cadbury Peppermint Chocolate

       Peppermint liquid, white and viscous
       Encased in chocolate dark
       Regular mounds of squared delight
       Enscribed with the maker's mark
       Encapsulated, separated
       By a grid of chocolate stark

       Bea YawzELLEff

  Bar all Chocolate!

       There is a comfort to which I turn
       But only in great need
       It's wrapped in foil and paper too
       And tempts me to great greed

       There is a challenge I sense issued
       As I bite the chocolate bar
       To eat a part and store the rest
       And admire it from afar

       There is a fatal flaw in me
       I ignore the chocolate dare
       That's why it is I only buy
       Small bars: King size I fear!

       Lady D

 "No" To Chocolate

       What a way to find out how
       My diet is going so well for me
       I saw your "title" and didn't go
       Into anaphylactic shock, I'm free!

       Just the word usually made me
       Put on weight, a kg or two
       But suddenly I can say "No!"
       Don't understand, this is so new

       I think that I have taken charge
       Of me, to get me into shape
       I'm taking care and best of all
       My mouth no longer needs tape!


  A Chocolate Bunny Tale

       There was a chocolate bunny
       that lived in chocolate town.
       And everywhere that bunny went
       he wore a chocolate frown.

       "But why the frown", some might say
       with chocolate every which a way.
       That should give him chocolate smiles
       as he hops along the chocolate miles.

       With chocolate flowers and chocolate trees
       and even chocolate honey bees.
       But when he sniffs the chocolate breeze
       the chocolate pollen makes him sneeze.

       He chocolate sneezed all through the night
       and got no sleep, oh what a plite.
       No more dreams his head would fill
       unless he finds a chocolate pill.

       So up and down the streets of town
       hopped chocolate bunny with his frown.
       He hopped all day until sundown
       and chanced upon a chocolate crown.

       The crown he placed upon his head
       and went in search of chocolate bread,
       but found, to his surprise, instead
       chocolate pills, took two, and went to bed.

       And when he awoke, I'm happy to say
       the sneezes had vanished, they went away.
       So back he hopped toward chocolate town
       without the sneezes, and without the frown.


  A New Allegiance

       Chocolate indeed!
       What a delicious rule to heed.
       Yummy tidbits give way to greed,
       as I pledge allegiance to chocolate,what a creed.



       To make the topic Chocolate
       Is very, very mean.
       Only a heartless Lady D
       Would thus vent her spleen
       Upon the slavering addicts,
       Whom she delights to mock,
       Knowing that their prime desire
       Is loads and loads of choc.
       However, there are those of us,
       Who aren't allowed it much,
       In case it brings on fatness
       And a myocardial flux.
       To us it is rare pleasure,
       A very special treat;
       While she is mopping up her mouth
       And feeling quite replete,
       All we can do is nibble
       At a tiny little portion
       Aspiring to enjoyment,
       As we take out share with caution!

       le fantôme amical


       MMMM-mmmmmmmmm it's so yum
       Chocolate taste: delirium
       The best treat for this Mum
       Is milk chocolate for my tum

       Lady D