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The portable loo

       I went to the portable loo
       I spent a whole quarter too
       I sat on a hole
       Oh blessa-ma-soul
       A bubble was all I threw
       Yes all I was up to pass
       Was piles of sewer gas
       But it was loud
       I am so proud
       I like to be so crass
       I scribble upon the walls
       The numbers of all the dolls
       And poetry
       That is dirty
       They have to paint the walls
       I get what I pay for
       Sometimes it's even more
       Free paper here
       It is so dear
       To buy it at the store
       Well I'll be going now
       I've got my value, wow
       Nine six two
       Six six eight two's
       The number of a cow

       (Note, It's really the Belleville police station.)

       figgy poo


       I tried to shave my stubble
       But soon got into trouble
       The soap just wouldn't BUBBLE
       So now my whiskers double.

       Bernie G

Re: Bubble, stubble, double, trouble

      Ah, the dread gray stubble
      That dulls a blade to rubble
      And always causes trouble in the morn
      The stubble you could fire
      Achieving your desire
      With burny whisker pyre you'll be shorn


 Re: Bubble, stubble, double, trouble

      I won't admit to stubble
      But sometimes we gals have trouble
      With the odd and dark and pointy little hair
      But a razor's not the way
      It only lasts a day
      Electrolysis! The answer over here

      Lady D


      The longest roots, as well I knows
      Grow deep indeed within the nose
      Just tweeze one out my gentle friend
      You feel the tug in your rear end

      Disfiggered for life by crooked nose hairs.

  The Bubble Challenge

       No matter where I go
       No matter what I do
       I just keep bubbling on and on
       I tell you, it is true

       When blue skies turn to grey
       When grey then turns to black
       I find the bubbly lining there
       When there's no turning back

       No matter what the challenge
       No matter what the pain
       I search and search until I bring
       Those bubbles back again


  Where Am I

       Bubbling with enthusiasm
       I called into this page
       And found it's gone to black and white,
       The colours won't engage.

       Although I've plastic lenses
       Where the cataracts once were,
       If LadyD turns on the lights,
       I'll be obliged to her.


      Bubbling up with Hubbly-Bubbly
      Up all night with face all stubbly
      Thinking thoughts so very strange
      Suddenly the colours change
      Is this some virus cyberlogical
      Or aberrance psychological
      Help me, help me fearless slug
      To kick the bug and quit the jug


  Bubbles and sissles

       Some of us have bubbles
       Myself I have a sissle
       Some of us have neither
       And then some have both to kissle
       Some of us have mommles
       Some don't have no popples
       Some of us have fammles
       With great grammles at the topples


  The Last Bubble

       There was a drink we used to make
       With any spirituous liquor;
       Add some carbonated fizz,
       Bang on your knee to fizz quicker.

       Starting a party with one of these
       For everyone as they arrived
       Was quite energising for a short while,
       After which all acuity dived.

       And, when the premises were razed and rubbly,
       It was plain we'd all consumed a 'Hubbly-Bubbly'.

       le fantôme aiguillonné

      Bath Time

      I sit in a tub and forget all my troubles
      In acres, and piles, and bunches of bubbles
      I look in a corner and hey here's some luck
      It's Freddy the bullfrog, and old rubber duck

      I hear mommy coming and under I grope
      So that when she comes in I'm all covered in soap
      She sits herself down on the edge of the tub
      Then picks up the wash cloth, and gives me a scrub

      She rubs on the back of my neck and my ears
      My head gets all lathered with Look No More Tears
      At last with a squirt hose she rinses my head
      Then dried and all powdered, I'm ready for bed



      Reading encylopaedias was always lots of fun;
      Sometimes I wonder whether I'm the only one
      Who read them (also dictionaries) underneath the sun.

      For background of East Timor being pillaged by Jakarta,
      Or history of Bubble Shells, you just look up Encarta
      And all of those who do it have a chance of getting smarter.

      le fantôme smug-as-they-come

      The family Bulidae has in its ranks
      A genus called Bulla, that's odd
      Because it's related to snails and Slugs,
      So it's nearly a gastropod.

      This mollusc possesses an egg-shaped shell,
      Often as big as a hen's,
      But, although they look a bit like eggs,
      They're lacking in albumens.

      The shells are quite thin and, when trodden on,
      Are easily turned into rubble
      And that's why they're commonly called Bubble Shells,
      Because they will burst like a bubble.

      le fantôme trépignant

 A Brace of Bubbles

      Fillet of a fenny snake,
      In the cauldron boil and bake;
      Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
      Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
      Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
      Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,
      For a charm of powerful trouble,
      Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

      Double, double toil and trouble;
      Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

      le fantôme bouillonnant de Will Shakespeare

 The Internet Escape Bubble

      I enter a bubble, forget any trouble
      Lured by this magical sphere
      URLs form the walls and imaginary malls
      Virtual life is enchantingly near
      In this insular world, basic essence unfurled
      Taking time that I really can't spare
      There I will be, what you want to see
      Then mystically disappear
      On venturing out, obligations shout
      - Reality is all too clear

      Lady D

 Bub Bulls

      Tiny Bub the wine..
      Make me they shine?
      Are they plastered? Are they fine?
      Let me count them...yes, there's nine..

      Tiny Bub they fly?
      If I dunk them..will they cry?
      Gee they look I sigh..
      If they leave me..I'll just die!

      der blumers

 Are You Bored?

      Sitting here, got very bored
      Thought I'd find something to do
      Then a netpal sent me this
      So I'll pass it on to you!

      If you run your mouse around
      The bubbles pop and make a sound!



Sick of ... Bubbles

       Witch-wand twirls a radian,
       Gets leg of Canadian,
       Bark of twig,
       Pips of fig,
       Kiwi's beak,
       Weasel's streak,
       Jekyll, Hyde, let mixture bubble,
       Drink a hubbly-bubbly double,
       Made of spirits of palmyra,
       Pour it into your viscera.

       Double, double toil and trouble,
       Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

       le fantôme amical