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 All Hands on Deck

      I never win at card games, and
      Forget the rules, but heck,
      Despite my losing hand,
      At least I play with a full deck.


Re: All Hands on Deck

      I never play with a full deck
      It's true, I never do, sir
      But if I did I'd get in heck
      Because my game is euchre


Credit This

      I use an EftPos card most times
      But also pack a Visa
      With insufficient backing
      To buy the Mona Lisa.

      le fantôme amical

Security Card

      A card that guards securely
      A security card might be
      A guard that can secure cards:
      A security guard, nightly


Security Card Again

      A body guard, one might suppose
      Is a personal guardian
      But protection from all elements?
      Just give me a cardigan



      Don't cheat against this bard again,
      I know the deck's been stacked.
      I saw an extra card again;
      Please take your extras back!


Cardigan and Chips

      As the poker-player said to the dealer,
      Just after he'd first met 'er
      "I didn't like dat card you dealt me
      And I don't like discard any better"

      le fantôme amical

Magic Trick

      Pick a card...any card..
      I can see we have a bard..
      What shall be the just reward?
      Visa? MasterCard?
      Queen of look toward?
      Or..maybe a look backward..
      Unless you are flexible..not too hard..
      Unless you are ritard...

      Pick a card..let your choice be clear..
      ..cause I can make it disappear..

      Just like this silly verse..

      der blumers

Re: Magic Trick

      'Tis I who have the power
      To make verse disappear
      Right off this messageboard
      But your's will stay, m'dear!


You See My Hand

      All my cards are laying on the table
      You see my hand, now will you reach to take it
      You see my hand, and see the suite is hearts
      Is yours a club, and will you only break it
      A spade, a spade to bury the remains
      Are diamonds truly now your only friend
      You see my hand but can you reach for me
      Or will you take the pot and let it end


More cards

       If you play your cards right
       You might get what you're seeking
       If you put them on the table
       You will not be sneaking
       If the card's right up your sleeve
       You will not be telling
       If you're handed out your cards
       That's when you'll be yelling


Golf Card
       Tomorrow morn at a quarter-to-nine
       I shall be at golf, if the weather is fine.
       I only do it for exercise,
       With electric trundler for compromise.
       The only part that isn't hard
       Is refraining from filling in a card.
       We only play ten holes and then,
       Exhausted, stagger home again,
       Where our scores we can review
       In recliner chair, with a nice home-brew.

       le fantôme amical

Christmas Card

       I send you all this Christmas card,
       Wishing you are well,
       And hoping that the year's been good to you.
       I feel for those who found times hard,
       On whom sadness befell,
       And trust you'll have a happier purview.

       Look forward, now, to a brighter day,
       When another century starts ;
       First January, twenty-o-one, I say,
       Despite next year's upstarts.

       Three hundred and eightysix more days
       Have truly yet to come ;
       Enjoy Christmas twice more, good folk,
       In this millenium.

       le fantôme amical

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