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 She dinna ken where Ken is

      While Ken was lost way out in space
      Barb called to him, in vain
      "I'm sure this purple monster is
      one that I can tame :-)"

      "Astropup has shared his grub
      with the people-eater
      She's not a violent purple now:
      Violet, shy to meet ya"

      "This Purple People Eater here
      Prefers to eat dogfood
      Especially when she's turning mauve
      (Sign of impending brood)"

      Lady D

But Ken is not to be found aboard the ship...When will Barbie realise?..Or will she have her hands full of little PPEs?
      When did male purple people eater Rex become female mauve people eater Violet? :)
Rex has multiple personalities...Violet is one of his alternatives

A Sail, A Sail!!!!!

      I think there must be two of them
      A lady and a man
      Violet and her dear twin Rex
      Now back to Ken's tin can

      Ken has ringed them all together
      Now carefully one by one
      He's getting back towards the ship
      So happily craving fun


Tea Rex/T-Rex (A great old band.)

      Oh great they're multiplyin'
      Without a hint of sex
      I think I know the cause though
      It's that darned old Tea Rex

      No doubt out there among the stars
      They know of the Ballrooms of Mars
      Druids, and of Chrome Guitars
      John Lennon, and the other stars

      And just to where was Allan Fried
      Why did Marc Bolan do the deed
      The Mustang Ford at super speed
      Then broken by the road to bleed

      A Dandy in the Underworld
      T-Rex star sail is still unfurled
      Throughout the cosmos still is hurled
      The Main Man, songs for all the world

      So Bolan Boogie, Purple Pete
      Metal Guru can move your feet
      Once more let his refrain repeat
      My Mustang Ford, of feel the heat

      The fighost of Mr. Bolan.

huh? who?

      Well after that Ken won't show
      His ignorance - he doesn't know
      Who half the people mentioned are
      Who sing and swing upon a star

      But music to the ears were they
      Blaring from ship that day
      His oxygen was nearly gone
      When the ship came singin' along

      Lady D

Rescue at hand?

      So Ken, the would-be astronaut
      Was floating out in space
      When his ship came blaring back
      (The noise was a disgrace)


The way the ship is shaking
      From each loud sound wave
      Ken ought be a-quaking
      Unless he likes to rave


Where's my cohesion?

      Rave he did, he beat the cans
      African beats and Polynesian
      Oxygen failing, in a trance
      Now I fear, he's lost cohesion


SAVED...or...thank heavens for junk jewellery

      Just as our hero passed right out
      The ship, it passed him by
      And Barbie with her usual pout
      Was staring at the 'sky'

      "What's that?" She said to Purple Rex
      That rubbish heap out there?
      I think I've found my lost earring
      The one I used to wear"

      So Barbie donned her spacesuit then
      And clambored through the junk
      She found her earring and what is more
      She found her favourite hunk!

      Lady D

      Ken kept drumming, all the while
      Barbie put hands over ears
      Ken still dancing in a trance
      This could go on for ten light years!


I see Ken is a raver
      Raving loonie tune
      If Barbie doesn't stop him
      Lack of O2 will make him swoon


Join a Rock Band, Ken!

      "Get me ear plugs!" Barbie screamed
      But it was no use..Ken kept drumming
      It didn't take long for the stars in the sky find their voices and start humming!

      But, AstroPup and Rex were furious
      ..when they saw Ken dancing and beating..
      It gave Rex back his appetite for people put him in the mood for eating!!

      Purple Rex was licking his chops..
      ..he slowly began a steady creep..
      with a knife and fork..and plenty of salt..
      ..decided to make a flying leap!

      der blumers


      Barbie looked up (or was it down?)
      -It's hard to tell in space-
      She saw the purple Monster jump
      And felt him land on her face


And he's off....

      As quickly as he landed
      she thought she heard him yell,
      and saw him spinning off in space
      looking dazed and in a spell.


Waiting to catch the next Space Van

      So Ken is spinning round again
      Without his tin can bridge
      And all the time he's thinking of
      The tin cans in his fridge

      If he had them, then he could
      Slot them all together
      And drum on them to his dear Barb
      In any kind of weather

Reach out......

      Poor Ken alone
      The great unknown
      Remembers sudden
      His cell phone


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