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Out, Out upon you ...

He then revved up his space-ship
And let the hand-brake off
Creaming up the astral waves
And sliding down the trough.

"Yippee!" said Ken, exulting,
"Upon my heart and soul,
I've made it out the other side
Of that darned big black hole!"

"I'll never more go back there,
For, coming into view,
Are erstwhile unknown galaxies,
Fresh fields and pastures new."


Those fields and pastures are no doubt
The good old milky way
So setting down the runabout
Created quite a spray

fig in space


Ken 'heard' a telepathic call
The cat was wanting out
Ken pretended he would wait
She lapped it up no doubt


 ALONE AT LAST (but where is Astropup?)

Barbie grabbed the throttle then
Reversing their splash down
The ship took off without the cat
Did Barbie paint the town!

Lady D

He's hiding, if you please.

Astro Pup, the space wise stowaway
was keeping a low profile.
He didn't want to press his luck.
A jealous queen can be vile.


Another Stowaway

Astropup stuck out a paw
And grabbed the floating cat
He sneaked her back aboard the ship
What will Barbie do about that!!

slug in space

Can things get any worse?

The furry, telepathic gallibooette
wished she had been left adrift,
preferring to take a chance with space pirates
than to get a Martian Queen miffed.


Cheesy subject

The warmed up milk is curdling now
and spawning moons like nuts
Green cheese alert throughout all space
You wacky astronuts

Can anybody summon us
an influence divine
For just a minor miracle
I'd like my cheese with wine


Nuts In Space

Ken saw those cheesy moons and thought
"I wonder if Astro-pup
Could scoop one up just like the cat-
I could do with an astro-nut"

Lady D


Barbie is the sort of girl
To w(h)inge and well, yes, w(h)ine
An earful each, of her hub-bub (bly)
With cheese, will be devine

Lady D

Wine and Cheese

      Astro Pup obliged again
      A light-year's supply of cheese
      Barbie's floating full of wine
      She's fallen to her knees


      "Oh Ken, you gorgeous thing!"
      ..giggled Barbie with her wine..
      "I knew you wouldn't leave me..
      ..I knew everything would be just fine!"

      der blumers

 Do you really, really, really, really, really love me?

      Ken was much impressed
      with this yellow clinging vine.
      To put her to the test,
      he felt that it was time.


What is the first task ?

      So, just like Hercules of old
      Barbie had tasks to do
      To prove to Ken that yes, indeed
      Her love for him was true

      Bea YawsELLEff

      If I remember Herc correct
      There's something about pillers
      I don't know if they were of foam
      Or them old feather fillers


Barbie's First Herculean Task To Prove Her Love

      It wasn't Hercules who knocked
      Those pillars down at all
      But quite another strongman who
      Was Sampson, I recall

      It doesn't mean that Ken can't
      Set Barbie such a task
      "Toss some pillows" Ken could say
      For a pillow fight, he'd ask


Task 2

      There will be lots and lots of fun
      When feathers start to fly
      And after all the dust settles
      ..."Tidy this pigsty!"

      Bea YawzELLEff

Task 3, Tether Astropup

      Astropup got in the act
      Chasing flying feathers
      "Another task, control that pup!
      Make sure that he's in tethers!"


 Calm that crazy Astropup?
      This task will take it's toll
      Barbie's got her work cut out
      But she's no paper doll

      Lady D

Call the Astrovet

       She trapped old Astropuppy
      In a great big Astronet
      He got so tangled that she had
      To call the local Astrovet


You called?

      Kaye Nine-a, Astrovet, at your service!
      (Have rocket pack, will travel)
      I've seen some strange sites in this job
      Nothing I can't unravel

      Lady D

Trembling Astropup

      Kaye Nine-a got the scissors out
      The pup trembled with fear
      Don't cut it off, my precious parts
      The bits that I hold dear!


 Getting that dog under control

      Poor puppy, he is in a bind
      He's all tangled in his mind
      The Astrovet won't cut him up
      If he behaves..."SIT, Astropup!"


 Deeohgee god of dogs appears
      A blinding bark of light
      A wave of paw and ties that bind
      No longer bind so tight


 Astropup is awed of course
      And bows in dogged wonder
      D-O-G does maths in morse
      And divides himself asunder

      Lady D

 Thursday, 19-Aug-1999 07:00:18

      Message: writes:

      "Tis odd indeed" thought Astro pup
      Deeohgee should apear to me
      Perhaps we've finally gone across
      The universal boundary

      We've been off a long time now
      Must be a year, or maybe seven
      Perhaps we've finally flown to
      The place that's known as doggy heaven

      The profig

Tables Turned....

         Meanwhile back to the Barbie Queen,
       whose attempts to snare Ken are going full steam.
       She passed every test he put her through,
       then said to Ken, "now I've one for you."



       Barb's been reading woman's day
       She got the test from there
       No matter what respondents say
       They're in the doo doo square

       Old Ken will say,"The questions came,
       It seemed from high above me.
       I answered with a heart so true."
       She wailed, "you don't love me."



       Barbie was sick deep down in her heart
       Would have cried if she had been human
       But alien queens never make any scenes
       Made up her mind and her face to look bloomin'

       Lady D


       Ken noticed she was silent now
       and although his love was true
       He figured he'd done something wrong
       but what, he had no clue.


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