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Welcome to my bathtub! This is where I relax and write...


The surface shimmers with reflections waiting for
My toes to merge with their own imagery,
Then ripples wrap my aching arch before
I step into the womb of luxury.
A hedonistic lowering of limbs
Is slowly escalated into bliss -
As water rises, reaching bathtub rims,
Immersion aids seduction with its kiss.
My worry stains wash off and then dissolve
While warmth massages flushing, heated skin.
A careworn creature leaves as I evolve
Into myself again, renewed within.
Such private pleasure is a joy sublime,
Erotic moments soaking up the time.


I'm christening my new bathtub
while I'm immersed in it.
I'm contemplating curvy style
In ergonomic fit.

The molded headrest pillows me,
My neck rests on its swell
And molded armrests: luxury,
Support where hands may dwell.

I'm cradled in this comfort zone,
Caressed in liquid heat,
I yield with an ecstatic moan -
My pleasure now complete.


We ran out of water the other day,
No town supply out here.
So if it doesn't rain for weeks
An empty tank, I fear.
See, most of the water, rain supplied
Is used in baths so deep
Wherein I lie , such luxury -
Like tea, I need to steep...
So when our water failed to run
I called for action stations;
We switched the pipe into the well,
Pumped up a taste sensation:
The well has water, mineral-rich
'Though filtered just to drink,
It has a flavour unsurpassed
- That makes my tastebuds shrink!

And as my bath, with water filled,
I saw to my distress,
Water, black and full of gunge -
 I used it none-the-less.
The hue was like a good strong brew
When I got in to soak,
I gained a coat of 'Instant Tan',
My tannin bath, I joke


'They' changed the taps over, left used to be cold
But left is now scaldingly hot.
I reached out my foot, let long leg unfold,
Then richochetted off like a shot.
I blistered my sole, ejected from mold
(No longer my most favoured spot).
I blistered the air - expletives untold,
Will I toe-tap again? I think not!


 The bath is a most delightful place to wallow
 The warmth relaxes body, face will follow
 I happily lie for hours there-in the hollow
Luxury: water up to my chin -don't swallow-


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